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Tellico and Ocoee first release weekend March 18 thru 19 2023 Trip Report

  • March 20, 2023 5:36 PM
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    Jeff Stejskal (Administrator)

    We had four paddlers sign up for the Ocoee first release weekend.  Ken Jordan was able to make contact with local paddler he knew so we joined them on the Tellico Saturday.  This was PFD (Personal First Descent) for Tim Owens and My Self on the Tellico and PFD for Kyle on the Middle Tellico.   Tellico Level was 2.06 FT and 505 CFS when we put on Tellico Ledges section at 12:15 PM weather was around high 40's and sunny. 

    We joined a group of 10 paddlers they were very helpful guiding us down each rapid.  Tim did have swim at I believe at Dirty S rapid.  Got the boat collected and drained.  Ken, Tim and I all took out right before Baby Falls.  Kyle continued down with rest of the group for full run of Ledges section.  We go ride back with groups shuttle bunny to the Ledges Put-in took a break before our next run down. 

    Tim elected to skip the second run on Ledges section went down to Middle Put-in / Ledges takeout to wait for the group.  So, Ken, Kyle and I joined the rest of group making second run on the Tellico Ledges.  Ken and I both ran Baby Falls, Diaper Wiper and Jarrad's Knee.  This was my first ledge or water fall over 10 FT.   I managed to landed upright but I did flip but rolled up without issue.  I was going for the left boof guessing it was more of penciled in then a boof.  We ran the left side of Diaper Wiper which after reading AW discretion is the hard side.  After some boogie water we came to Jarrad's Knee a class IV rapid.  The group was very good at breaking down the rapid into 4 parts and explain rapid to both me and Ken .  Ken did miss the last eddy and took last drop backwards flipped and had a swim.  He was fine and we collected both him and his boat.  After that we meet up with the rest of group for a run down Middle Tellico which was very pretty.   Finished the day in Tellico Plains with some Mexican food and cerveza. 

    We headed back to AU campground in Ocoee, TN had nice fire and got ready for the cold evening.  Overnight low was in mid 20's but with a little wind so no frost or dew.  Sunday, we broke camp and got early start.  Tim had to head back early but did help us run shuttle.  We put on the Ocoee River by 10:30 AM.  It was colder day but sunny with temps in 30's. 

    So, three us paddled down not playing or stopping much with the colder temps.  I didn't run double suck close enough to rock and end up in the second hole.  I managed to enderd my LL Alpha 90 out of the hole.  I was able roll up and continue on.   Ken wasn't as lucky instead of running over Kyle who's was positioned where Ken wanted go on the top Dimond Splitter.  Ken got flipped on the curler missed a roll and swam.  We were able to retrieve Ken and the boat.  After draining the boat, we head on down for a uneventfully rest of run. The lake level was down I assume for winter pool.  So, we did have more flow but also lower water on the paddle out.   We were off the river by 12 PM. 

    A great way to start the Ocoee paddling season.    Trip Sponsor:  Jeff Stejskal

    Tellico / Ocoee Trip pictures

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