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Hoosier Canoe & Kayak Club

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  • February 09, 2024 4:16 PM | Dave Ellis (Administrator)

    Some of the newer Board members had no concept of our Pirate Paddle/Party that we've done a few times in past years.  We're considering the possibility of doing something like that this fall or in some future year.  for the newbies benefit I said that I would post to my Pirate Albums so they could see what they are like.  while collecting links, i just got all HCKC albums for you amusement. (You REALLY don't want to binge watch these.)

    Pirate Cruise 2009
    Pirate Party 2009
    Pirate Cruise 2012
    Pirate Party 2012
    Pirate Cruise 2014
    Pirate Party 2014
    Pirate Cruise 2016
    Pirate Party 2016
    Pirate Cruise 2018
    Apostles 2010
    Apostles 2011
    Apostles 2012
    Apostles 2014
    Apostles 2015
    Apostles 2017
    Apostles 2018
    Beaufort NC 2014
    Beaufort NC 2014 by Earl King
    Beaufort NC 2014 by Louganski
    Beaufort NC 2015
    Swansboro 2023
    Charleston 2017
    Charlston SC 2016
    Chesapeak 2017
    Chesapeak 2022
    Door County 2021
    Greyson 2012
    Greyson 2016
    Manitou 2010
    Manitou 2011
    Sleeping Bear 2017
    Pictured Rocks 2011
    Pictured Rocks 2019
    Beaver Island 2019
    Buffalo 2016
    Eagle Ck Introduction to Paddling 6/21, FWD stroke videos
    Florida Kays 2013
    Fontana Lake 2016
    Isle Royale 2018
    Lake Erie Islands 2015
    Lake Jocassee 2021
    Massasauga 2013
    Nova Scotia 2016
    OLD HCKC Slides
    Panache 2013
    Rogue 2014 by Earl King
    Tybee 2011
    Reggie Baker Collection
    Sprandel by Louganski

  • November 15, 2023 3:34 PM | Dave Ellis (Administrator)

    So, if you missed our 11/11/23 Annual Meeting,  it was really a good one.  Thanks to John Gates, Linda Decker, Mariann Davis and all others that made it happen.

    Here are the Officers and Board for the coming year:

    Skipper -------- Dave Ellis

    Exec Officer --- Tim Owens

    Yeoman -------- Lauralee Hites

    Purser ---------- Kaleena  Wright

    Board Members --- Andrew Bredemeyer

                                   John Carlson

                                   Mariann Davis

                                    Linda Decker

                                    Jeremey Giddens

                                    Toni Harris

                                     Anthony Pascuzzi

                                     Jan Rugaber

                                    Roger Starring

                                    Jeff Stejskal

                                    Judy Thompson

                                    Kyle Wills

    We now need to decide on our "To Do" list.  I know we need to Complete the transition to a real not-for-profit.  To set up the traditional board transition meeting for early December. To schedule the Trips Planning Meeting.  To firm up the Wilderness First Aid / CPR certification class.  To assure  continuing weekly pool sessions.  To develop new trip leaders, ACA certified instructors, and Club leaders to carry on into 2025 and beyond. Please let any of us know any other things we should be working on.

    2024 will be the Club's 61st year or activity.   GO HCKC!

  • July 21, 2022 2:39 PM | Jeff Stejskal (Administrator)

    Welcome to Summer Paddling! I just got back from co-hosting with Toni a Beginner/ Intermediate Whitewater Kayaking Workshop in Southeastern Tennessee, and it was amazing weekend for both the weather and seeing newer paddlers enjoying the sport we all love! I was showing the lines on the Hiwassee and after I would run the rapid, I would turn around and see the faces of the paddlers with huge smiles and cheers of enjoyment. It was an amazing feeling for them to conquer something that just a few moments before had been an OMG moment that they thought they couldn’t do before. It was also amazing watching some experience paddlers who I lead down the Ocoee breakdown a rapid and figure out exactly what angle to hit a certain wave and what speed and power was needed to help them get to where they want to go. But the bottom line to all this we were out paddling in a beautiful place and had amazing weather over our heads! I hope everyone get out on one of our club’s trips and recharges your soul with a paddle in your hands. 

    Your Skipper,  John Gates

  • May 31, 2022 8:42 AM | Jeff Stejskal (Administrator)

    Greetings from a fellow paddler. I hope you are out paddling your local stream or a distant paddling trip to your favorite paddling spot. I have been out paddling and of course helping new paddlers get started in the pool and I can honestly say; I’m so happy to be paddling. We all are truly doing something that makes the soul happy! Something I love seeing is my fellow paddler gets excited about something they have been training hard for and succeed in that task. Examples I see are new paddlers get comfortable being underwater and able to do a controlled wet exit out of a boat. Another is running a rapid and not just surviving it but be able to control their speed and able to hit an eddy that seems impossible just a few minutes before. What inspires you? 

    Your Skipper,  John Gates

  • April 06, 2022 8:56 AM | Jeff Stejskal (Administrator)

    Skippers Note The other day I was driving down to Cincinnati for the Annual Cincy Paddle Swap, and asked my Mom to ride along with me. As I was driving I said to her, “How many times over the years have we driven down I-74 to go paddle somewhere?” She responded with a laugh and said to me “Too many times to count!” I just smiled and the memories of those trips started flooding in like when the Ocoee Dam opened. The memories I have of paddling in different places with my mom are ones I cherish. My point in telling you this is that paddling is a lifelong experience that you and your loved ones can share all your life. I was blessed to have parents that got me involved when I was 7 years old and I plan on paddling until I can no longer do it. The HCKC was formed by a few families that wanted to get out and paddle as a group. Over the years our club has expanded from that and continues to grow, spanning several disciplines and several different places. We continue the tradition of creating memories of paddling adventures. I hope you have and continue to create memories of your own and I hope they include paddling! I would confidently say that my adventures paddling are some of my most cherished ones - Are they for you? See you on the water John Gates

  • February 17, 2022 1:15 PM | Toni Harris (Administrator)

    Paddling Season is here and I can’t wait to get back out on the water.  I hope everyone is ready for the season to start like I am but have you checked out your boat (S) and gear?  I was thinking the other day when I was rolling my Antix and how loose in the hips I was and I need to put a couple of paddes in there to make it so I “wear” my boat.  I also have on my list of gear checks is my camping gear to make sure my stove for example is working and I’m not eating cold chow after a day of paddling.

    Something I hope everyone thinks about is brushing up on their skills by taking one of the many classes we offer in the club.  If you have a certain skill that you would love to learn or brush up on ask the Safety and Training Committee to look into it and see if we can put it on the schedule.  When I was going through my Kayak Instructor Course, my Instructor Trainer kept telling my class that the first stroke you learn is the forward stroke but it is the last one you master!  I hope everyone has a great month and I also hope to see everyone on the water. 

    Your Skipper, John Gates

  • February 16, 2022 4:51 PM | Toni Harris (Administrator)

    Skippers Note As we finish up the Trips’ Planning Meeting and start our 2022 season with training, I sit and wonder what type of year we will have. Will it be dry or wet? Will we have enough training events or trips to keep our membership interested? As I think about all those things, it all boils down to involved membership. If you as a member of this club do not get involved we can’t sustain what we have built over the last 50 years. I encourage you to lead a trip or volunteer at one of the many events the club sponsors. I promise you this, the time you spend being involved in the club; the enjoyment you will reap! Looking out to the future, Linda Decker has once again organized a Wilderness First Aid Class. The last time this was offered it was an outstanding event and I look forward to attending it the first weekend of February. Thank you Linda for organizing this event. Another coming event I’m currently helping organize is one of our biggest outreach programs of the year and that is the Ford 67th Annual Indianapolis Boat, Sport & Travel Show February 18th – 27th, 2022. This one program showcases the whole club so please be sure to stop by and say, “Hi!” to our volunteers who will be working the booth. I leave this as my final thought for this month…. I would like to send out a huge “Thank You” to the 2022 HCKC Board Members! I’m so happy and excited to be a part of this board and look forward to the amazing things we as a group can execute! As always, if you have concerns or comments about the club, please call or email me and I would love to hear what you have to say, John.

  • December 23, 2021 8:53 PM | Dwayne S James (Administrator)

    Please see the current newsletter for December 2021 for important information on club elections, the candidate slate for board and officers, a by laws revision, wilderness first aid training, the annual trips planning meeting and watch for emails concerning an annual meeting and the Boat, Sport, and Travel show volunteer schedule.  And join in the fun for the New Years Day paddle!!!   Merry Christmas to all!  

  • December 21, 2020 9:14 PM | Dwayne S James (Administrator)


    Annual Meeting 

    We had a zoom meeting attended by approximately 25 people on December 9, 2020. Elections were held. I am told the vote was unanimous. See a list of the newly elected Officers and Board in this newsletter. Congratulations to all.

    Upcoming events: January 1 New Years Day Paddle and a Trips Planning Meeting. You should have received an email from your group leader asking for ideas and volunteers to lead trips for the whitewater, sea kayak and flatwater groups. If not, look on the facebook page. Or send your trip idea and date to your group leader.

    If you wish to sponsor a trip but do not feel comfortable doing so, contact an experienced trip leader and ask for help. It is not difficult.

    Dwayne James, writing in lieu of Your Skipper, Toni Harris

  • October 08, 2020 5:09 PM | Toni Harris (Administrator)

    Well we finally are starting to see our beloved club trips come back even though it seems that nationally and locally other sports and entertainment events are remaining closed.  Paddling can be naturally a ‘socially distant’ activity, but there are still things we need to consider carefully when we prepare to go out on the water:

    If you’re not feeling well and are showing any signs of sickness - please don’t go….I know this seems harsh but its generally in your best interest and that of your beloved paddling friends!

    Shuttles:  If you’re running a shuttle, please consider wearing masks if you’re in close proximity to one another (either inside or outside of the vehicle)

    Assisting others with their boats/gear (portaging, training, adjusting etc) - requires community contact...this may be minimal but it is still an opportunity for the transmission of sickness.  Always helps to keep a small travel size container of hand sanitizer with you even in your PFD or first aid kit if you so choose.

    I will let you all know although I am disappointed that the Covered Bridge Festival will not be going on this year, it creates a unique opportunity for me as trip leader for the Raccoon Creek Covered Bridge Paddle trip to adjust the weekend to where we have a better chance to paddle among the stunning fall foliage that seems to be a bit later in the year nowadays!!  I do hope you and your family can join us!

    As we quickly approach the end of the year, the HCKC board has also had to make some adjustments to the Annual Meeting and will likely be doing this year’s meeting virtually - what this means is that it will be accessible to watch via Zoom online or via your cell phone or simply by calling in to a toll-free number from the comfort of your homes.  Since the pandemic started early in the year, the Board members have diligently continued to meet virtually to discuss how we can best provide support to our members.  I truly appreciate everyone’s commitment and am so pleased with what we’ve been able to do despite the challenges we’ve had in 2020.

    Please keep an eye out on Facebook, in the newsletter and your emails for upcoming events planned for the end of this year including the Annual meeting and upcoming training and trip opportunities!

    See you all on the water soon!!

    Your Skipper, Toni Harris

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