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Hoosier Canoe & Kayak Club Paddle Fishing Group

It is very hard to paddle by a log jam and not cast into that eddy that may be holding a 4-pound small mouth.  I have been on several HCKC Flatwater trips and have always wanted to make a cast here and there.  I've found out that there are several other members who share this passion.  On almost every trip I have been on with HCKC, there is always someone who shares my angling and paddling obsession.  

Well. now is the time for all fisherman and fisherwomen to come out of the closet and admit their obsession and start paddle fishing together.  Thus, we now have a discipline for paddle fishing.

If you are new or just curious about paddle fishing,come out on one of the scheduled fishing trips or hook up with a more experienced paddler about rigging your boat for fishing.  You may find some of the links helpful in rigging a boat for fishing.   Those of you who are ready and rigged for fishing give Jay or me a call about setting up a trip to your favorite fishing holes.  I encourage you to use the HCKC bulletin board for casual trips and fishing info.

You can contact me John Wainscott at

  • March 24, 2017 1:57 PM | Deleted user

     Indiana DNR has contacted the HCKC asking for our help in promoting anglers to pursue fishing on the water. We have a great wealth of information to educate new paddlers and transition them into Paddle fishing.  If you’re interested please contact me to discuss your interest and desires in perusing fishing on the water. 

     From   Clinton R. Kowalik, Go FishIN Coordinator - Sport Fishing Education, Division of Fish & Wildlife, Indiana DNR

     I run the Go FishIN – the DNR’s sport fishing education program. The focus of Go FishIN is training educators and youth leaders to give them the knowledge, the skills, and the access to fishing equipment to get kids fishing. The past few years, I have expanded our efforts to get families fishing.

    My partners across the state and I will continue to work with youth and families, but I would like to continue to expand our efforts by reaching out to the canoe and kayak community. I am very interested in teaching adult kayakers how to fish. 

    I would like to start this venture by connecting with the HCKC.  We have four Free Fishing Days this year: 4/15, 5/20, and 6/3-4. 

    Option 1: Invite your non-fishing members and their families to fishing events on those days (see below) to learn some fishing basics (no fishing license required). And then integrate fishing into a Tuesday evening (or Sunset Paddles) at Eagle Creek with those same participants –  license required. 

    Here are a few Indy events – many more events will take place across the state (all events will eventually appear on this site

    • April 15:
      Family Fishing Day at Krannert Park – a non-structured fishing event
      Family Learn to Fish Workshop at Eagle Creek Park – 9am to noon; structured workshop 
    • May 20:
      Family Learn to Fish Workshop at Krannert Park – 9am to noon; structured workshop
      Family Learn to Fish Workshop at Washington Twp Park – 9am to noon; structured workshop 
    • April or May
      Family fishing workshop at Fort Harrison SP , but none on calendar yet.
    • June 10-11: 
      Hoosier Outdoor Experience – fishing station and paddling station, but not together. 
    Option 2: At a Tuesday Paddle, provide some basic fishing instruction from shore for the first half. And for second half, help folks take those skills to the water (on kayaks) – fishing license required.

    Option 3: Run a Paddle plus Fishing event just for HCKC members and their families on a Free Fishing Day. 

    All three options would be at no additional cost to members; fishing equipment and bait will be provided. 

Hoosier Canoe & Kayak Club

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