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  • February 19, 2018 10:20 AM
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    We will be offering open water navigation class on Saturday, March 3 and Sunday, March 18.    As of this writing, there is still 1 spot open in each class.  -------------------

    Open Water Navigation Class Announcement

    We will offer a one-day Open Water Navigation class.  You can take this class on either Saturday, March 3 or Sunday, March 18.   The second date was set up since several  people could not make the March 3 date. 

    We will cover open water and coastal navigation which will include map use, tools,  piloting, … as well as a cursory discussion of tides.  I’ve included a tentative class outline at the bottom of this e-mail.

    Registration:  To register for the class, e-mail me at merlin-3d@sbcglobal.net.   

    Class Size: We will limit the class size of the March Session to 12 people – people will be accepted on a first come-first accepted basis.  At this time, the March 18 class is limited to 8 student.

    What to Bring:  

    • -          Compass -  If you have a boat or hand-held compass, please bring it.  If you don’t, wait until after class to get one since you will able to see alternative boat and hand compasses at the class.    
    • -          Snacks/Drinks – I will provide soda.  Bring a snack if you think that you are going to want one during the afternoon.

    Class Location

    The classes will be held in the Indianapolis area - the class location will be e-mailed to enrolled students about 1 week before the class.


    Preliminary Class Outline:   Some navigation classes treat a GPS as a taboo.  I won’t since it is a useful tool.   While you shouldn’t rely on it, it can be useful. 

    • ·         High-Level View of Navigation
    • o   What is Navigation?
    • o   Navigation Tools for the Kayaker
    • ·         Maps – Charts – There’s a lot of Info there.
    • ·         Navigation Aids in Coastal Waters (Buoys, Lights, Ranges, …)
    • ·         Compasses (Types, use)
      Navigation – Info you need before each launch
      - Hazards - Shipping Lanes, Shoals, Points
      - Compass/GPS
      - Rest
    • ·         While Paddling
      - How to know if you’re on-course
      - How to know where you are
      - How far you’ve gone while paddling
      - Compensating for Wind and Current
    • ·         Tides and Currents (Brief – this could be 4 hours all on its own)
    • ·         GPS Preparation BEFORE you leave your computer
      Setting up routes and waypoints.

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