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Chesapeake Bay 2022

  • September 11, 2022
  • September 17, 2022
  • based from Janes Island and Susquehanna State Parks, MD
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The Chesapeake Bay region offers a wide range of paddling opportunities. The September 11-17, 2022 trip will visit the Delmarva region and northern Bay. The trip is beginning Sunday night on the 11th in part to avoid weekend traffic heading East across the Bay Bridge.

Since camping reservation need to be made well in advance if you want a site, please make your reservations as soon as you can.  Sometimes sites can be found close to the dates desired due to cancellations, but don't rely on that.

      1.       Delmarva region offers a wide range of paddling opportunities including bay shore, rivers and Atlantic barrier islands. – Camp at Janes Island State Park near Crisfield Sunday (11th) night through Thursday morning.   We can launch from the camp ground to paddle in and around Janes Island and into Tangier Sound.    Possible day trips include exploring the Pocomoke River (the northern most cypress river), and paddling the Atlantic costal area at Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge south to Wallops Island.   

       2.    Break Camp on Thursday and drive to Susquehanna. We may stop at Elk Neck along the way.

        3.     Susquehanna River Region – Camp at Susquehanna State Park for 3 nights (15th - 17th) and depart on Sunday.  The Susquehanna River is the river system that formed the Chesapeake Bay.  Haver De Grace, Maryland used to be the northern port for the bay.  We will paddle as far into the fresh water zone as current will allow, and south past Havre De Grace into the northern end of the bay.  

Paddling conditions – 0-2ft wave height is normal, but open bay and large rivers can run 2-3ft when wind picks up.  Tides generally run about 1.5-2ft and current is noticeable at times.  Plan is to paddle in groups based on skill level within the group. 

Sea kayaks of 14ft minimum length with spray skirts and water tight bulkheads are required.  This is a level 2-3.   Please refer to Trip Level Guide 1-2021.docx .

We would like to limit the trip to 14 kayaks, to keep group size manageable.  The flatwater part will be more of a “sea kayak lite” for those with capable boats that perhaps don’t want to go quite as many miles, or into conditions that some of the more adventuresome want to do.  Some days the whole group may travel together, other days we will split into two groups. 

Please sign up for the trip on the HCKC website, and please email judy_thom@hotmail.com with campground site information to coordinate sharing, if you wish to share.  Camping reservations are made at http://parkreservations.maryland.gov/

Those interested in attending should contact Judy Thompson judy_thom@hotmail.com or Robert Moore njordball@gmail.com for additional details.

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