A note from our skipper:

On November 7, the HCC held its annual meeting and end of the year party. As always, it is a time to give thanks for a successful paddling year and to honor the leadership, the board, trip leaders and committee chairs. Their sustaining energy and devotion to recreational paddling and its extensions has provided the membership with many opportunities to enjoy what we love to do: paddle.

Over the past 51 years the club has existed though many incarnations, evolving in new ways, hopefully to satisfy our membership’s needs…And to continue to do just that, we need your input: both by word and by action. (action, in this case, could mean just showing up for trips or volunteering to lead your favorite trip). Longevity, as a club, is on our side, but our membership is getting older—no surprise here, when a short survey done at the party revealed that 76% of the attendees were over 50 years of age.

So…as your new Skipper, I am immediately initiating the “5 children,1 family policy” (China: watch out!)…Okay, maybe I shouldn’t let this new role go to my head…but I will promise, to work energetically to invigorate the club with new memberships and exciting and desired paddling trips, continue our excellent paddling classes (both in the pool and on the bigger water), and promote our club through interconnecting within the community and with other paddling clubs in our state…and beyond.And so it is that WATER occupies 76% of this great planet…how about the HCC occupying a little more of it this year.

I would love to see you on the water,
Mariann Davis
Skipper 2015

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