A note from our skipper:

May brings the unofficial start of summer along with more trips, camping opportunities, and festivals. At the beginning of May there is the Muscata- tuck River Rendevous down in southern Indiana. It’s not a club event, but I hear it’s fun! There is also a demo day at Rusted Moon Outfitters on May 13-15.

Speaking of demo days, please save the date for June 12th as HCKC has its first demo day and open house at Geist Park. All members are en- couraged to bring as many of their boats as they can and members and non- members alike can take turns trying out different boats. We’ve rented out the pavilion and will grill some hot dogs. Look for future emails and the June newsletter for the most up to date details. Also, please keep an eye out for a change in the flatwater calendar. The May 8th and May 15th trips will most likely get rescheduled too late to publish details in the newsletter so please watch for an update on the calendar and an email blast.

See you on the water!


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