A note from our skipper:

Well, we have come to end of another year long voyage and this skipper will be preparing her “swan song.” I promise, however, that I will not be singing my way out of my term for the benefit of all attending the annual meeting. I will speak, nonetheless, on my gratefulness of having a creative, intelligent board that helped me navigate through some murky waters without a catastrophic shipwreck. I will recognize all the trip leaders who made and will continue to make our club a workable recreational paddling organization that includes multiple paddling interests. I will acknowledge all the chairmans of the numerous committees that seamlessly create an infrastructure which helps build the foundations for the future growth and sustainability for our club. And I will give thanks to a membership who support our Hoosier Canoe and Kayak Club by coming out and paddling our beautiful rivers, lakes, streams and oceans.

In preparing to pass the gavel to our next skipper and executive board, I personally want to thank the membership for their support and confidence this past year. I truly enjoyed and welcomed the opportunity to learn the nuances of the club and exercise some newly developed skills without a catastrophe. Hope to see you at the annual meeting on Nov 8 at the Indianapolis Sailing Club on Geist.

I would love to see you on the water,
Mariann Davis
Skipper 2015


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