A note from our skipper:

We had a great annual meeting with about 50 people in attendance at the beautiful Indianapo- lis Sailing Club on Geist, thanks to Jim Sprandel to booking it early in the year! All pro- posed measures, officers, and board members were voted on and approved; and I am honored to be your skipper for one more year. J

Everyone also got to enjoy the presentation given by the Joses; the club’s first sea kayaking trip to Acadia National Park and Nova Scotia. It looked absolutlely stunning! Please check out this link to see the photos for yourself if you were unable to make it. www.flickr.com/photos/127035155@N03/albums/72157676434969056

Notes to those not attending:
The first group of slides showed the "wild life" from our trip. Dave provided GPS Tracks in pdf format, but Flickr does not allow upload of pdf files. Jack presented the part about the August 8th trip circumnavigating Tangier Island. Even with winter approaching, we still have trips and activities to do. Keep an eye out for information on the New Year’s day paddle, the trip planning meeting, and the Ice Falls trip just to name a few.

I have to say, no other club within a couple of hundred miles offers what we do. We have so many different fleets like sea kayaking, white water, fishing, and flat water if you ever want to try to learn a new discipline. What really sets this club apart though is the depth of knowledge and expertise you get to gleam from for your annual dues! We have so many hardy veteran paddlers that are happy to show you some new moves, teach you rescue and self- rescue, how to roll, and are always willing to help out.

Remember to also share your knowledge, we’re always looking for new places to paddle, trip leaders, and volunteers. Please contact either myself, any of the board members, or a fleet captain if you would like to help out.

Happy Holidays and I hope to see you all on the water at some point this coming year!


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